Overview of CTC Online

CTC Online™, short for Career Transition Counseling, assists companies in providing high quality career coaching for departing employees at a cost that is competitive to the hide bound approach of traditional outplacement providers.

Traditional outplacement services are overburdened with fixed rental costs and too little coaching support with 50 and even 60:1 ratios. Outplacement offices are often little more than transient campsites. As pioneers in Talent Management, we are shifting the paradigm with a highly effective alternative. CTC Online™ is a hands-on coaching program providing individuals with the value of in-depth career coaching and the ease of virtual learning. The application is custom designed to provide a fully interactive approach for all user levels with modules ranging from personal assessment, resume and interview preparation, to networking and stress management.

Expert coaching, our firm’s core strength, drives the process every step of the way. In addition to planned “deep-dive” career coaching sessions, interactive functions allow users to contact their Career Coach with questions as they progress through each learning module and receive timely feedback. Users are contacted with answers to questions via phone and email within hours.

CTC Online™ provides:
Fully customizable programs
Three competitively positioned price points
The backing of our world-class coaches

With nearly 30 years of experience delivering custom Career Coaching Programs to Executives, BeamPines has re-engineered the value proposition to deliver what clients want and what candidates are asking for. We can help you transition your talent back into the workforce.

For those of you with contracts with traditional real estate based OPC organizations, we ask that you consider our approach as a comparably priced alternative. These situations are stressful for your impacted employees; those departing and those surviving. The experience should be as positive as possible.

Why not give your people some control over their situations? In other words, why not give them a choice? Give them the opportunity to choose coaching over cubicles.



What Our Clients Say

Read what customers are saying.

BeamPines has been our talent partner for many years now. They have been providing us with their full range of services and their people have been fantastic to work with. We’ve benefited from their wisdom and ability to quickly tune in into to our challenges and culture to deliver pragmatic, effective ideas and solutions. We rely heavily on their assessment expertise applied to leadership team development, talent acquisition, individual development, succession planning and career transition. They are real strategic partners as we continually transform our company to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Alan S. Elkin Chairman & CEO, Active International