Legacy Coaching

BeamPines is proud to present our Legacy Coaching program. This customizable program targets the planned departure of senior level executives and focuses attention on their transition needs and your succession needs. With millions of Baby Boomers expected to retire in the next few years, research has shown that the entering leadership pool is much smaller than the group it is replacing, resulting in far fewer leaders available to take the place of retiring Boomers.

In responding to our client’s needs in Succession Planning and Executive Assessment as well as transitioning talent, we quickly realized it’s not all about replacement. It’s about retaining the knowledge and expertise of the retiring executive. It’s about providing the retiring executive with practical options and an executable plan that addresses his or her needs as an executive with a family and a future to plan for. Our Program offers a unique approach involving parallel processes that simultaneously work with the transitioning executive and the Company:

…for the Executive

  1. Comprehensive Assessment – The executive completes a custom battery of Assessments. A confidential written report is prepared highlighting strengths, interests and priorities. The report presents opportunities to optimize current relationships and identifies other avenues to explore.
  2. Career/LifePlan – A BeamPines Coach assists the executive in drafting his/her own personal plan that includes pragmatic action steps.
  3. One-on-One Coaching – A BeamPines Coach helps to execute the Career/Life Plan, serves as a resource for external opportunities and provides skill building sessions as needed.

…for the Company

  1. Comprehensive Assessment – On a case-by-case basis, a BeamPines Coach can support Company Leadership as they assess current and future organizational needs.
  2. Implement an existing Succession Plan or Develop a Succession Plan – Where Companies have a well-developed process, we can support and validate the candidates through an objective pre-selection assessment process supplemented by development planning and coaching. Where there is no plan in place, we can assist you to identify needs, define future cultural and organizational goals, assess your bench, and identify and develop high potentials.
  3. Coaching the Execution of the Succession Plan – We assist Company Leadership to set timely goals to maintain progress. The Coach can suggest or in some cases provide internal training programs to address skills gaps. The Coach can also make informed suggestions on external programs (e.g., MBA Programs, or targeted skill programs) to further assist development.

Legacy can be customized as a six-month or one-year design. Optional extensions include follow- up meetings with unlimited access to the BeamPines Coach by email, phone or video conference.

What Our Clients Say

Read what customers are saying.

BeamPines has been our talent partner for many years now. They have been providing us with their full range of services and their people have been fantastic to work with. We’ve benefited from their wisdom and ability to quickly tune in into to our challenges and culture to deliver pragmatic, effective ideas and solutions. We rely heavily on their assessment expertise applied to leadership team development, talent acquisition, individual development, succession planning and career transition. They are real strategic partners as we continually transform our company to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Alan S. Elkin Chairman & CEO, Active International