Our approach to Executive Search is unique in the industry.

BeamPines approaches Talent Acquisition from the unique perspective of an experienced HR Talent Management firm. Our innovative 3Dimensional approach delivers value on 3 levels, far beyond the face value of the traditional search process. 3D Search enables us to guarantee our work with confidence.

We focus on goodness of fit: cognitive, behavioral and cultural. This ensures our clients prosper from their investment in Human Capital and realize the added value of their new executive. Over the years we have successfully supported the talent acquisition needs of Clients in a wide variety of industries and functions from Fortune 500 to smaller privately owned companies. We are experts in evaluating necessary competencies for successful candidates across industries and roles, and take pride in our ability to adjust to each situation and organization to ensure that no considerations are overlooked.

We use original research and, as assessors, our screening and behavioral interviewing protocol to zero-in on the best candidates. We complement the process with a pre-selection assessment of the finalist candidates conducted by our highly regarded Assessment Division to validate our Client’s choices, and give them a complete picture of how best to leverage the new executives’ strengths.

A feedback report is prepared for each successfully placed executive to get them started on the right track. Integration coaching, using assessment feedback and results from the BeamPines proprietary online 360° tool at a 6-month check point, helps ensure the executive focuses on what’s important, builds the right relationships and delivers on expectations.

Ultimately this process enables us to guarantee our work and maximize the return on investment for our clients.

3D Search is compounding process. Each successive dimension builds on the former and serves as the foundation for the next. As each assignment is different, BeamPines and the Client may mutually agree to variations and/or modifications.

I. The first dimension (1D): Sizing Up

In this dimension, the hiring executive, HR and the BeamPines Senior Search Consultant collectively work to refine the hiring specifications, uncovering those “nuggets” of information that make the position unique. Through the use of custom questionnaires, we are able to expeditiously prioritize critical areas that are key to identifying the right candidate.

Components of this dimension include:

  • A Deep Dive Interview with HR and the Hiring Manager. After completing our propriety inventory and questionnaire the Consultant uses the responses to engage the hiring executive and HR in a “deep dive” qualitative dialogue aimed at digging deeper and uncovering more information useful to the search.
  • A “Role & Client Profile Document” is created to be used for select candidates and as a basis for refining the job description and recruiting.
  • A Behaviorally Based Competency Inventory Questionnaire is customized, focusing on key competencies such as: Business, Technical and Leadership experiences and behaviors. The BeamPines Consultant and an Executive Assessment expert formulate customized lines of inquiry for potential candidates.
  • Additionally, open-ended questions are crafted to identify cultural fit and candidate motivation, and other aspects of a potential candidates’ prior experience that the client wants to include.

The Sizing Up process is designed to be thorough and detailed, and the results of the questionnaire and deep dive sessions provide the foundation for the next dimension, 2D. Proper preparation is the key to a risk reduction strategy.

II. The second dimension (2D): Zeroing In

In this dimension, the focus is on continuing risk reduction, and sustainable return on investment through targeted research, sourcing/networking and assessing appropriate candidates. This is the dimension where information collected in 1D is applied to filter candidates and recommend the final candidate slate to be presented to the Client.

The client is updated regularly on the Zeroing In activities via the Monthly Candidate Activity Report. As candidates are identified through our rigorous screening interviews, a slate of finalists takes shape.

The activities of this important step include the following components:

  • BeamPines Monthly Candidate Activity Updates  – either verbal of written report may be provided to the hiring manager and HR.
  • BeamPines Search Consultants interview each potential candidate, according to client preferences; either telephonically, face to face or by video, using consistent approach developed by the Assessment Division
  • Final candidate slate is prepared and presented, and interviews with the client are scheduled and held.
  • BeamPines prepares the Customized Selection Assessment Battery and client report for the finalist candidate.
  • During this phase, while the Client interviews a slate of candidates, BeamPines recruiters continue to search the market.

III. The third dimension (3D): Gaining Traction

This is the last of the three dimensions and the most critical. 3D is where the entire process is brought together, a hiring decision is made, and the successful candidate is effectively integrated. The integration process (where over 40% of the traditional searches fail) incorporates all of the information gathered about the hired candidate, including an interpretive report based on psychometric assessments and interviews administered in 2D, addressing the candidate’s strengths, development areas, potential for growth and cultural integration.

In the first steps of 3D potential offers are reviewed with the client and executive, and negotiations and agreements are managed and brought to a successful conclusion.

Next, when the package agreements are finalized, initial expectations, metrics, boundaries and integration needs are clarified.

The final, most important aspects of the third dimension (3D) is our focus on the creation of a one year development plan for the newly hired executive. Using the assessment data and a thorough understanding of the Client’s needs and expectations, BeamPines consultants will partner with the newly hired executive and his/her supervisor to leverage strengths, identify and address development needs and create an on boarding executive coaching program. This is where we achieve our Client’s ROI by ensuring a successful transition into the new company culture and immediate contribution by the newly hired executive.

To ensure the sustainability of our Client’s ROI, a “check-up” is recommended at the 6-9 month mark using our proprietary 360° instrument targeted at evaluating a new executive’s performance and fit. Feedback is gathered, interpreted and reported to the executive, and adjustments, where needed are built into the development plan.

3D Search is an innovative process designed to reduce risk and maximize return on Human Capital investments. Our methods and practices are proven by over 30 years of effective assessment science, and our master coaches ensure successful outcomes and back up our client satisfaction guarantee.

What Our Clients Say

Read what customers are saying.

BeamPines has been our talent partner for many years now. They have been providing us with their full range of services and their people have been fantastic to work with. We’ve benefited from their wisdom and ability to quickly tune in into to our challenges and culture to deliver pragmatic, effective ideas and solutions. We rely heavily on their assessment expertise applied to leadership team development, talent acquisition, individual development, succession planning and career transition. They are real strategic partners as we continually transform our company to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Alan S. Elkin Chairman & CEO, Active International

We’ve been working with BeamPines for the past 10 years, leveraging their strength in talent acquisition and talent assessment. We stick with them because of their consistent results and exceptional service orientation. We always know what we are getting and when they commit to a project, they deliver! The people they have brought us are a large reason for our continued growth and success so we highly recommended them to anyone in the consumer products space!

Daniel Nagle, Vice President of Sales, Eggland’s Best

BeamPines guided us through the entire executive search process with ease. They took the time to really understand the culture and the role. Their commitment and expertise gave us confidence in our selection.

Kent Schwendy, CEO, Corporation for Independent Living