Targeted Executive Development

Companies committed to diversity and inclusion seek our support in specific coaching contexts. We have been fortunate to have developed this niche with the support of our good friend Ted Childs of Ted Childs™ LLC and are proud to be a part of his “Eco-System.” We believe in Ted Childs’ mantra that “Workforce Diversity is the Bridge Between the Workplace and the Marketplace™.”

Ted Childs’ approach is to challenge senior executive leaders and teams: “What do we want to accomplish, how different will our workplace be if we are successful, and if we feel good about our culture, why haven’t we already done so within its framework?” At BeamPines we focus on the individual and their successes and challenges within the framework of the organizational culture. Reflecting on 30 years of coaching experience, we realized our successful track record in assisting a diverse group of coaching clients overcome their own fears and appreciate the fears of others helped them better understand how to reconcile diverse cultural differences.

We work with senior executive leaders representing all diversity and inclusion classifications (race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability). We combine coaching, custom psychometric assessment batteries and structured feedback from colleagues to help candidates understand and raise their awareness of their own world view and its impact on their behavior, and others’ perceptions. We then help them to remain conscious of people’s differences and how to effectively integrate themselves in the work environment. Developing self-awareness, practicing reflection and experiencing action learning is ideally suited to opening the minds of coaching candidates to the cultural and personal aspects of first surviving, then succeeding in their organizations. We direct focus on personal development planning which allows the executive to commit their energies to growth, building trust and forging relationships, even in difficult environments.

Targeted Executive Development by BeamPines helps increase:

  • Sensitivity, understanding, awareness and resilience
  • Employee engagement and retention rates
  • Innovation from employees
  • Communication skills
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Business growth

Globalization continues to push diversity to the forefront of many of our clients’ concerns. At BeamPines we continue to refine the practice of coaching in response to client needs and capitalize on our core competencies. We have successfully assessed over 11,000 executives since 1981. Our PsyD and PhD-level Assessment Team has extensive training in multicultural issues and our psychometric tools can be provided via the internet in multiple languages. Leverage your diverse talent base through our training, affiliations and experience.

What Our Clients Say

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BeamPines has helped our organization immensely and in multiple ways including succession planning and employee development.

John Votto, Executive Liaison & Retired CEO