Executive Coaching

BeamPines has been practicing and refining Executive Development Counseling™, also known as “Coaching,” for over 25 years. We help our clients achieve professional and personal goals leading to enhanced business performance. Our Development practice is built on trust, support, relationships and experience. We remain the only provider of an accredited Masters Degree in Executive Coaching under the direction of London’s Middlesex University.

Coaching Applications

  • Transition and integration coaching – supporting executives who are taking on more responsibility, who are promoted to a job with a bigger scope or who are acculturating to a new company or division.
  • High-potential coaching – supporting the development of future leaders and talent.
  • Skill building – helping executives focus their development in specific areas of interest such as time management, stress, management, relationship building, etc.
  • Development feedback and succession planning – supporting executives with the integration of performance feedback from various sources into a targeted action plan for development.
  • Remedial coaching or derailment prevention – supporting executives with specific areas that are having a negative impact on their effectiveness.

Key Points

  • Helps develop executives’ competence.
  • Fosters productive working relationships.
  • Mobilizes executives’ talents and capabilities in search of new ways to achieve goals.
  • Focuses on continuous development. Leverages existing skills to a greater degree.
  • Raises self-awareness in executives.
  • Provides objective expert opinion and advice to help support the executive.
  • Improves the culture and climate of an organization.
  • Demonstrates how company values people by investing in them.

What is the value compared to investment? Investing in people is essential to maintain motivation and productivity, especially in a challenging business environment. Coaching is designed to support executives in achieving business results and improving performance. It is important to focus on valued and retainable team-members to obtain higher performance.

We want the same approach to development throughout our operations worldwide? We have developed a network of qualified associates in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. We apply the same principles (adjusting for cultural considerations) and hold our associates to the same quality standards in assessment, feedback and approach.

What Our Clients Say

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BeamPines has helped our organization immensely and in multiple ways including succession planning and employee development.

John Votto, Executive Liaison & Retired CEO