Description of 720 Profile

Taking the Traditional 360° to the Next Level:

The goal of our 720° Profile® is to optimize executive effectiveness by providing performance feedback relative to specific leadership/management competencies. This unique approach to multi-rater feedback expands the focus of typical 360° to provide an even more complete picture.


Provides data-based performance feedback on key strengths and developmental needs

  • Lays the foundation for individual developmental plans
  • Establishes leadership/management competencies
  • Facilitates succession planning and staffing decisions
  • Supports team-building and restructuring efforts
  • Promotes leadership development and helps retain talent


  • The 720° Profile® gives participants a picture of themselves as seen by their colleagues. This picture is best understood in the proper “frame” or context. With this goal in mind, participants complete a personality inventory and participate in a short structured interview. These additional sources provide valuable insights which are integrated with the survey instrument data in a concise Feedback Report written by our Consultants.
  • What makes the 720° Profile® different:
  • We customize the competencies and survey instrument to match your organization’s language and values.
  • Our Report delivers the feedback in a concise format.
  • We put the feedback in context by including information about business objectives and personality style in the Reports.
  • Our Consultants get results by conducting individual feedback meetings and ensuring participants create focused and pragmatic action plans.
  • To view a sample report or to take the 720° Profile® survey questionnaire online, please contact Nicole Lewis at 212-476-4100 X260 or

What Our Clients Say

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BeamPines has been our talent partner for many years now. They have been providing us with their full range of services and their people have been fantastic to work with. We’ve benefited from their wisdom and ability to quickly tune in into to our challenges and culture to deliver pragmatic, effective ideas and solutions. We rely heavily on their assessment expertise applied to leadership team development, talent acquisition, individual development, succession planning and career transition. They are real strategic partners as we continually transform our company to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Alan S. Elkin Chairman & CEO, Active International