Executive Assessments help you see beyond outward appearances to core skills, traits and competencies. In essence, it is a process that raises awareness and serves as the foundation for people decisions and individual growth and development work. Its applications are many, including pre-employment and promotional selection, coaching, leadership development, career planning, new hire integration, succession planning, team effectiveness and conflict resolution.

BeamPines Executive Assessment & Development Planning Model

Personal Development Digest Report

Leadership Strengths & Development Opportunities
Developmental Recommendations
Executive Summary for Manager

Executive Development Plan

Goal Setting, Development Strategies & Tactics
Measureable, Expected Results
Endorsement with Manager and Support to Execution

Key Points:

  • Assessments are performed by our own doctoral-level management psychologists following the legacy of Dr. Jerry Beam, a premier assessor who pioneered the field over 30 years ago.
  • We have successfully assessed over 11,000 executives.
  • Our assessments draw data from a wide variety of sources, including C-level psychometric instruments, structured interviews and qualitative or quantitive 360 interviews. Certain assessments may include performance measures to further ensure validity of findings.
  • Our assessments target “goodness of fit” with role, responsibilities, organizational competencies, culture, current and future challenges, boss and other team members.
  • Drawing upon expert knowledge of instruments, specific tests and analyses are customized to fit each context/situation (e.g., role specifications, organization’s needs, competencies). All of our instruments and applications are continually scrutinized for validity.

How much time is involved in getting through the process? We are sensitive and responsive to the need for businesses to have information fast. Most assessment input can be completed in a few hours. We also review available data and conduct agreed upon interviews, including one with the candidate. In a pre-employment situation, for example, we guarantee a verbal feedback within 24 hours of receiving the testing materials.

What business experience is brought to the process? Our psychologists have been consulting to businesses for nearly 40 years combined and have an in-depth understanding of people and organizational dynamics. In addition, they join forces with senior BeamPines consultants/coaches, many with 30+ years of experience, to enrich the assessment process to ensure it provides the right combination of psychological and business insight. Furthermore, our feedback is delivered within the context of business challenges and expectations.

What is the value compared to investment? The cost of promoting or hiring an executive that may not be suited for the job can leave an organization dead in the water. BeamPines customizes each executive assessment based upon needs expressed by the client. We offer a comprehensive analysis that accounts for an individual’s functional competence, thinking skills, personality style, interpersonal dynamics, motivational patterns and interests. We provide a complete, integrated picture of an executive with practical, individualized recommendations.

What Our Clients Say

Read what customers are saying.

BeamPines has been our talent partner for many years now. They have been providing us with their full range of services and their people have been fantastic to work with. We’ve benefited from their wisdom and ability to quickly tune in into to our challenges and culture to deliver pragmatic, effective ideas and solutions. We rely heavily on their assessment expertise applied to leadership team development, talent acquisition, individual development, succession planning and career transition. They are real strategic partners as we continually transform our company to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Alan S. Elkin Chairman & CEO, Active International