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Since 1981, BeamPines has helped hundreds of companies train and develop their workforce through Assessment and Coaching, and Leadership Programs, effectively providing our clients with a productive, sustainable cadre of executives and managers. Modern life provides many opportunities for personal growth and development, but professional help is essential here as well. Professional coaching services can help make this process more structured, coherent, and as effective as possible. If you feel that you don't need coaching services, just think about whether you want to enjoy learning new knowledge or get lost in the complexities of the learning process. You can always ask for help me write my essay from real professionals if you need it. This way you will always stay in the thick of the learning process, you won't miss anything and you will always turn in all your independent work on time. Find balance in your life - the goal that each of us strives for. And it never loses its relevance. Many experts advise, since your student days, to turn to a coach. With his help, you can not only competently manage your time, but also find time for other activities. In case you will not be able to meet the requirements of the curriculum in time, you can always use the essay writing service. Just like for finding a coach, all you need to do is leave an application on our platform and our managers will help with the rest of the nuances.

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Executive Search

Our innovative 3Dimensional approach delivers value on 3 levels, far beyond the face value of the traditional search process. 3D Search enables us to guarantee our work with confidence.


Using the components of qualitative 360° stakeholder interviews, a structured interview with the participant and administration of a suite of assessment instruments, we are providing our executive clients with a robust “look in the mirror” regarding how they are showing up as leaders in the workplace.

Executive Coaching

BeamPines has been practicing and refining Executive Development CounselingTM, also known as “Coaching,” for over 30 years. We help our clients achieve professional and personal goals leading to enhanced business performance. Our Development practice is built on trust, support, relationships and experience.

Leadership Development

We offer a wide variety of custom Leadership Development programming that focuses attention on the individual, the team and the organization. We partner with the organization to ensure alignment with business goals. Our approach is to first evaluate based on performance results, compile a clear picture of the issues and goals at hand.

Transition Coaching

While the traditional outplacement industry has been commoditized, BeamPines continues to offer a range of high-end, custom support programs for executives and special transitional circumstances.

What Our Clients Say

Read what customers are saying.

BeamPines has been our talent partner for many years now. They have been providing us with their full range of services and their people have been fantastic to work with. We’ve benefited from their wisdom and ability to quickly tune in into to our challenges and culture to deliver pragmatic, effective ideas and solutions. We rely heavily on their assessment expertise applied to leadership team development, talent acquisition, individual development, succession planning and career transition. They are real strategic partners as we continually transform our company to meet the challenges of the digital age.

Alan S. Elkin Chairman & CEO, Active International

We’ve been working with BeamPines for the past 10 years, leveraging their strength in talent acquisition and talent assessment. We stick with them because of their consistent results and exceptional service orientation. We always know what we are getting and when they commit to a project, they deliver! The people they have brought us are a large reason for our continued growth and success so we highly recommended them to anyone in the consumer products space!

Daniel Nagle, Vice President of Sales, Eggland’s Best

BeamPines guided us through the entire executive search process with ease. They took the time to really understand the culture and the role. Their commitment and expertise gave us confidence in our selection.

Kent Schwendy, CEO, Corporation for Independent Living

BeamPines designed a tailored leadership program to meet our membership’s unique developmental needs and to hone their leadership skills. The program is engaging, relevant, and builds real skills.

Karen Rubin, M.D., Pediatric Endocrine Society, Board of Directors & Treasurer

BeamPines has helped our organization immensely and in multiple ways including succession planning and employee development. 
When clients decide, “I'm going to have someone write my dissertation online,” they often wonder how they should proceed. We made everything as clear and intuitive as humanly possible. All in all, there are just four stages that start from the moment you open an order form and end when you receive your complete project.

John Votto, Executive Liaison & Retired CEO

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ByJonathan Santamaria Feb 9, 2017

Chairman’s Welcome to Our Refreshed Site

Greetings and thanks for visiting our BeamPines website. I can remember when I first joined the firm in 1996 speaking with a vendor about the internet, search-ability, on-line traffic and other notions which sounded exciting and yet unreachable

ByDavid Mazer Jan 31, 2017

TGCP selects Hong Kong as the 2017 Conference Site

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CONTACT:  David Mazer, Project Manager BeamPines/TGCP: Phone: 917-379-3481, Location: New York The Global Coaching Partnership (TGCP) is pleased to announce that Hong Kong has been selected as the site of its May 2017